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Standards for data transfer and sharing

The City of Frankfurt/Main and especially the traffic management department have always been committed to maintaining standards for data transfer and sharing. Two services are available: the mobility data portal MDM and the open data portal “Offene Daten Frankfurt”.

Mobility data marketplace

The mobility data marketplace MDM was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as part of the project “Metadata platform for individual transport information” in order to establish a new traffic data portal which would pave the way for the transport of the future. The MDM portal is operated by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BaSt). The portal has been operating routinely since 2012.

Alongside the wide range of media (e.g. internet, variable message signs and radio), the MDM portal is the central point where the integrated traffic control centre makes traffic information (such as building sites, parking data, traffic reports and detector data) available to data subscribers (e.g. providers of transport information services) in a standardised format. As the de-facto standard data model for transferring traffic data, DATEX II is used to share traffic data with the MDM portal. The transmission protocols are SOAP and OTS2.


Are you curious to learn more about the MDM portal? Do you want to access traffic data?Frankfurt”?
No problem, visit the MDM portal here ››

Open data portal “Offene Daten Frankfurt”

The City of Frankfurt/Main publishes open data from the city administration’s departments and plants here. The data are considered “open” because the City of Frankfurt/Main is making the data sets available for free use and in open, machine-readable formats. Generally referred to as open data, the idea is to promote developments from which everyone might benefit. 

The department for transport provides dynamic traffic information about vacant spaces in car parks at 1-minute intervals and traffic reports about relevant building sites and events within the city at 5-minute intervals.


Want to find out more about the open data portal “Offene Daten Frankfurt”?
No problem, visit the open data portal here ››