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Travelling by bike in Frankfurt am Main

On this page we have compiled a lot of useful information for you about cycling in Frankfurt am Main. - Get on. Get on. Change. Why not try cycling?

Frankfurt celebrates football

Joy of scoring - We are looking forward to EURO 2024

New bike features for the EURO2024

Together with nine other German cities, Frankfurt am Main is the host city of the UEFA EURO and, with its fan zone on the banks of the River Main, offers an extraordinary atmosphere for the European Men's Football Championship. From 14 June to 14 July 2024, the international metropolis on the Main will be celebrating under the motto "United by Football. United in the heart of Europe", a huge open-air football festival with guests from all over the world.

The ball is round, and so is the bike: already offers a lot of useful information and services relating to mobility by bike, such as a routing function and bike parking and hire options. It is also possible to display the current weather and environmental situation and a rain radar.

Just in time for the European Championships, additional functions have been activated on our transport map. You will never move alone - with! 

Have fun - your mainziel team!

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Great idea:

Cycling through Frankfurt.

A bicycle is a great alternative

No doubt we have all considered at one time or another leaving the car and taking the bicycle instead. It saves money and is good for the environment and you even get a little fitter into the bargain. If only there weren’t as many arguments against it... weather, traffic, air quality, journey time...

We at mainziel want to give you information, tools and helpful tips which you can use when you choose your means of transport each day.

For example, you can see the weather forecast for your route or avoid long waiting times at building sites by taking an alternate route on your bicycle instead of the car.

Get in, get on, change over – become even more mobile and develop your own personal forms of mobility. You’ll be amazed at the options you can give yourself.

Have fun from the mainziel team!

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FAQs Cycling

Get in. Get on. Change. is the multifunctional and innovative transport information platform for Frankfurt am Main. We support our users
with useful information in our transport map and on our topic pages to help our users with their daily mobility decisions.
helpful support. 24/7 and completely free of charge. One of our focal points: Mobility by bike. offers a wealth of information about mobility by bike in Frankfurt am Main. A cycle route planner shows you the route from A to B, cycle news informs you, for example, about closures of cycle paths and an overview of cycle parking facilities clearly shows the places where you can park your bike. Additional services and information on bike hire round off the information on offer. Pre-prepared themed routes and the ability to create, save and download your own routes are useful features when travelling by bike.

No. All services and information on are free of charge.

No, no special software is required. is user-friendly, completely browser-based and cross-device. All you need is an end device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) with activated online access.

Cycling has many advantages. Anyone who cycles is doing something for their own health and for our environment. Every journey you make by bike has a positive effect on the air, as exhaust fumes are avoided. Cycling can also help to reduce rush hours and ensure fewer stops and more go in daily traffic.

We are motivated to constantly develop our services for cyclists - as well as other forms of mobility.

Cycling in Frankfurt am Main

New bike-related functions, features and services - now on

Theme routes

The new themed routes function gives you access to ready-made cycle routes.

Themed routes in traffic map

Create cycle routes

The new Create function allows you to create your own routes, save them and have them available at any time.

Create route in traffic map

Download cycle routes

On-/ and offline: With the new route download function, you can download cycle routes to your devices and make them available at all times. Even if you are offline.

Download function in traffic map