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City of Frankfurt/Main
The Magistrate
Mayor Peter Feldmann
Römerberg 23
60311 Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Editing and concept

City of Frankfurt/Main
Strassenverkehrsamt / Department for Transport
Verkehrsmanagement 36.5
Axel Heine, Nadja Lich, Stefanie Tomczak
Zanderstrasse 7
60327 Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Design and realisation

Marke & Kommunikation
Ackerstraße 11, 40233 Düsseldorf
Fon 0211 / 41 74 39 79-0
Fax 0211 / 41 74 39 79-9

GEVAS software
Systementwicklung und Verkehrsinformatik GmbH
Nymphenburger Straße 14
80 335 München
Telefon: +49 (0)89 25 55 97-0



© City of Frankfurt/Main, photo: Stefan Maurer
© City of Frankfurt/Main, photo: Andreas Vöhringe


Traffic data

© 2006 - 2024 TomTom


Legal notices / terms of use / services / content is a free service provided by the department for transport (Strassenverkehrsamt) of the City of Frankfurt/Main. The scope of the service and the terms of use can be changed at any time.

A user is any person who uses the free online service by retrieving the information provided on the above URL.

The traffic information provided only represents information and a recommendation from the department for transport of the City of Frankfurt/Main and is intended to serve as a suggestion of what action the user might take. The retrieval of the information by the user shall not establish a contractual relationship between the City of Frankfurt/Main and the user.

The traffic information available at is also published by the City of Frankfurt/Main on the the national Access Point für Mobility Data (MDM). Anyone is free to make further use of it. By accessing the traffic data, you consent to the terms of use of MDM of the City of Frankfurt/Main in MDM. These contain the “Data licence Germany – attribution – version 2.0”. More information is available in the MDM portal.

The web pages of the City of Frankfurt/Main may not be copied, re-published, distributed or otherwise passed on for the purpose of use for commercial, non-private purposes. Any person who infringes this can be prosecuted.



Where legally possible, the City of Frankfurt/Main accepts no liability for the accuracy of the provided traffic data and information, or for whether the information is complete or up to date. In particular, the transmission of the traffic data might be at a delay. The user must take this into consideration.

The City of Frankfurt/Main shall not inspect or accept liability for third-party content or for content to which this service refers by means of links or other technical references. The City of Frankfurt/Main does not hold the copyright to such content. Referencing with links is also not an expression of a particular opinion about the content in question by the City of Frankfurt/Main; in particular, the City of Frankfurt/Main is not claiming ownership of or approving such content. Please also note that the City of Frankfurt/Main is unable to continually check the content available through the links or other technical references. Therefore, please notify the editors immediately if links direct you to websites with concerning content.

The content on was generated to the best of our knowledge and with the greatest of care. Although we do take care to ensure that the content is accurate, up to date, complete and understandable, no liability for this is accepted where legally possible.

Where legally possible, liability for damage resulting from use of the published information is excluded. Likewise, where legally possible, liability for any and all damage caused by computer viruses when data are retrieved or downloaded is excluded.



The department for transport of Frankfurt/Main wishes to point out that availability might be limited while maintenance is being carried out on the hardware and software of the website However, the City of Frankfurt/Main shall endeavour to keep maintenance times to a minimum and perform maintenance work during specified windows. The images and video sequences from the traffic cameras are only available during the business hours of the integrated traffic control centre. Additionally, the transmission can be switched off during police operations for reasons relating to data protection. No legal entitlement exists to the availability of the information on


E-mail sending

Where the City of Frankfurt/Main expressly provides a means on this website to submit messages, applications or other legally relevant declarations to the city electronically, these shall be transmitted at the user’s own risk. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the City of Frankfurt/Main cannot guarantee that messages and declarations it receives will be safe from interception or falsification.



“mainziel” is a registered word and design mark belonging to the City of Frankfurt/Main and is protected by law against unauthorised use by third parties. The text, images and audiovisual content presented on as well as the layout and design of the service are subject to copyright and trademark protection and may not be used for anything other than private purposes without the prior written consent of the City of Frankfurt/Main or the rights holder. In particular, the content may not be reproduced in public or modified.

The department for transport of the City of Frankfurt/Main is responsible for editing the content on

Data from OpenStreetMap and aerial image data from the land surveying office (Stadtvermessungsamt) of Frankfurt/Main are used for the map service. These data are published on the basis of the Open Data Commons Open Database Licence. The land surveying office (Stadtvermessungsamt) of Frankfurt/Main retains the copyright and ownership rights to the aerial image data.

The bike routing service and rain radar are provided by
The map service also uses data from, and
Among other things, data from the provider mainova is used for the electric charging stations.
further source: Hessian State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG)


Gender pronouns

Masculine personal pronouns are generally used in order to make the information easier to read. However, the pronouns refer to male and female people equally.