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The clever traffic light assistant


New service from the City of Frankfurt am Main's Road Traffic Office

Experience smart cycling in Frankfurt am Main! Following the successful completion of the project, the trafficpilot app can now be used in the Frankfurt city area. Get the app for free from the App Store (iOS) or the Googe Play Store (Android) on your smartphone. 

The trafficpilot shows the right speed to stay in the green wave. The app can be used by bike or car. The colours symbolise whether the next traffic light will be reached on red or green and how reliable the forecast is (Fig. Forecast reliability). The illustration (Fig. Green wave band) shows that at the current speed you will reach the next traffic light on green (colour in the middle of the blue arrow). If you drive faster (top colour) or slower (bottom colour), you will reach the red light. In the event of a stop, the current status of the traffic light is shown at the top of the screen (Fig. remaining red display). If the colour is red, the expected time until the traffic light changes is counted down (if available). The toolbar shows the current speed on the left and the distance to the traffic light on the right.

At a glance:

The advantages of trafficpilot

trafficpilot prevents unnecessary stops

Avoids heavy braking/acceleration

Reduces the effort required when cycling

Reduces fuel consumption and emissions in cars

Relaxed and smooth driving through the city

Cycling becomes less strenuous and therefore more comfortable

Which traffic lights in the city currently provide data?
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All information at a glance?
We have summarised all the important information in a flyer (PDF format). You can print it out with Adobe Reader, for example.
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Do you have any further questions or comments?

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A service of the Road Traffic Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main and GEVAS software GmbH!


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