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PROJECT is becoming multi-modal

Project overview:
Routing service and traffic reports and information for cyclists
Hire and service stations for bicycles, electric bikes, cars and electric vehicles
Weather and environmental data service with rain radar
MainMap – personalised information

Project partners:
City of Frankfurt/Main
GEVAS software GmbH
AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH
PROPROJEKT Planungsmanagement & Projektberatung GmbH

Project duration: May 2019 to March 2021

The project “ is becoming multi-modal” is subsidised by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as part of “Saubere Luft 2017 – 2020”, its immediate action programme for clean air.

Following a rework from the ground up, will provide mobility information for all means of transport in future: Users will be able to access and compare clear and transparent travel times, routing services, parking, hire points and departure times. It is even possible to view the current weather and environmental situation as well as a rain radar. Information can be shown or hidden with filters in any number of different combinations. This should make switching to a bicycle, bus or train a more attractive option and promote city-friendly mobility.

The website is even getting a facelift with the MAINZIEL MAN. The various tools of are broken down into easily understandable images in individual steps and examples of how they are used are shown.

The mainMAP is also set to provide personalised access with an optional user profile and password. This will enable users to compile their own specific traffic information. Then, when the user next visits the website, the personal mainMAP will show the user a selection of cycle routes or free parking spaces at a glance. Users will even be able to share their traffic information with work colleagues or friends.

A range of sources of traffic-related data inside and outside of the data system of the City of Frankfurt/Main are being merged and processed for the rework of as part of project UVM-4 entitled “Innovative, digital mobility services”. Logically linking the heterogeneous and distributed databases is expected to produce new, enriched information. Providing traffic and mobility information for individually selected means of transport in such a strategic, user-oriented manner makes it possible to control traffic depending on the situation and in turn achieves one of the key objectives of environmentally friendly traffic management.