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Frequently asked questions about residential parking

Information on the conversion of residents' parking

The parking space management will begin in resident parking area 18 and then all other resident parking areas will be converted one after the other. Areas 38, 39, 40 and 41 have already been converted as part of the Bornheim pilot project. The order is based on the nitrogen oxide load and the parking pressure.

Here you will find frequently asked questions with answers about the conversion of the existing resident parking areas.

The parking ticket machines are necessary in order to be able to carry out the monetary management of the residents' parking areas.

The parking ticket requirement applies during the day on weekdays. Mostly you can park for free in the evening and at night and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Residents with a resident parking permit can park free of charge at all legal parking stands around the clock.

People in need of care who are cared for by private persons (relatives, acquaintances, voluntary helpers) receive a special parking permit if the main place of residence of the person in need of care is in the respective residents' park area and at least care level I is proven.

Further information on exemptions for private caregivers can be found here

The residents' visitors also have to buy a ticket at the parking ticket machine within the operating hours.
So that the financial burden for visitors is not too great, parking is free in the evenings and at night and on weekends.

No, the resident parking permit remains valid.

Commuters are not entitled to a resident parking permit.
The resident parking areas in Frankfurt am Main are all excellently developed by local public transport. Commuters should look into alternatives to their own car.

Parking management zones will be set up parallel to the existing Tempo 30 zones. Only the beginning and the end of the respective zone are signposted; the signposted regulations then apply within the entire zone.

At the new parking ticket machines, it is also possible to pay parking fees using an app with a smartphone ("cell phone parking"). For technical reasons, however, it can take up to four weeks for the new parking ticket machines to be entered into the system.

Would you like information on cell phone parking?
No problem, here you will find all information about cell phone parking..

Businesspeople are not entitled to a resident parking permit. However, under certain conditions it is possible to obtain a commercial park permit for a fee. Information on the business park permit is available here

Exemptions according to StVO
Which exemptions can be applied for for road traffic and which requirements must be met. All information can be found here.

Nothing changes, as a CarSharing user you are still entitled to a resident parking permit provided you are registered with your main residence in the area in question.

The residents' parking area is financially managed via parking ticket machines. Residents with a resident parking permit are exempt from the management.